Truefitt & Hill to the Rescue


Those of you who know me are well aware that I’m very attached to the amazing Truefitt & Hill products. And that’s not because I’m a precious like some people might like to believe. As mentioned in an earlier post, these products changed my life. At least, my skin’s life. And I had yet another manifestation of that a couple of days ago.

Before stepping in the shower, I forgot to put on my pre-shave oil. I realized it the moment the blades of my razor touched my skin. It was as if my skin started screaming: “Why are you doing this to me?”

As long as I can remember, my skin has always been hyper-sensitive. Shaving used to be comparable to torture for me. Cuts, bleeding, ingrown hair and rashes were my daily lot.

Not anymore.

Make no mistake, there is no product I did not try. Every time I went to the pharmacy, I asked one of the nice ladies working in cosmetics to help me out, to save my skin. Nothing worked. I became hopeless.

Until, one day, transiting through Heathrow Airport, I realized I had forgotten my shaving cream home. I had to find some and Trueffit no. 10 came to my attention…

My skin has been extremely grateful to me ever since.

And, by far, the best product for me has been and still is the pre-shave oil, guaranteeing that my skin is not peeled off by the razor.

Trust me, for someone with hyper-sensitive skin, that means the world. A world of difference.

Try it, gentlemen. You won’t regret it. Because, yes, your skin is precious.

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