The King who jeopardized the Monarchy

The cover of Prince Harry’s memoir was released last week, in mounting anticipation of the day it hits the shelves next January. Since their wedding in May 2018, Harry and Meghan have proven to be distracting – to say the least – for the Royal Family. Their staunch desire to center everything around their desires, feelings and intentions goes against the grain of an institution based on selflessness and duty.

Even though the revelations contained in his book will probably rock and ruffle Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry’s fifth position in the line of succession to the throne render his tribulations much less catastrophic than those posed by his late grandmother’s uncle, King Edward VIII. On December 10, 1936, this Monarch deposed the scepter and the orb for the sake of marrying the Queen of his heart, the American-born divorcee Wallis Simpson.

His brother, George VI, was left to pick up the pieces. He was neither supposed nor prepared to accede the throne. The reputation of the institution was severely tarnished, but the history of the world can be grateful that George Windsor was tasked with this mission because his brother David (Edward VIII)’s presence on the throne would have proved catastrophic in the period leading to and during World War II.

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Elizabeth II, fille d’Écosse

La vie a été formidablement généreuse avec moi, en me permettant de vivre en Écosse en 2014-2015. J’y ai d’ailleurs déposé mes bagages un 11 septembre… J’ai alors pris la mesure de toute l’affection que portait ce peuple fièrement enraciné dans un héritage singulier envers la Reine Elizabeth II.

Je regardais avec attention les images diffusées par la BBC du cortège transportant la dépouille de notre défunte souveraine en partance du château de Balmoral vers Édimbourg. Ces images ont fait jaillir de magnifiques souvenirs dans mon coeur et ma mémoire. Il en a été ainsi en parcourant les pages du plus récent livre de Jean des Cars Pour la reine : Hommage à Elizabeth II (Perrin).

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